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WordPress is an Open Source software system used by millions of people worldwide to create beautiful & responsive websites and blogs. It is entirely customizable by using themes and plugins.

WordPress is a perfect tool for creating multipurpose, fully customized websites. Whether you want to create a blog, a personal portfolio, a corporate business site, a forum, a classified website, an E-Commerce store, a LMS website, or a business website to sell your products and services, you can do it with WordPress.


This course explains the essential features of WordPress and deals with various types of customizations. By the end of this WordPress Course, you will have enough knowledge to create a Professional WordPress website of your own and for your clients as well.

Whether you are a Coder or a non-Coder, this course is for you, as, it covers everything from Installation to customization to deployment!



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After completing this course, a trainee will be able to



  • Introduction: Who is this course for?
  • Introduction: What you can achieve after the course?
  • Introduction: What is Domain and Hosting and working of Web
  • Introduction: Brief Introduction to WordPress
  • Introduction: Market Value & Share of WordPress and its Role in Web
  • Introduction: What is Localhost – XAMPP / WAMP / LOCAL by Flywheel

Domain and Hosting

  • How to buy Hosting and Domain (Free, Paid)?
  • What is a Hosting Panel, and how it works?

Prepare the System to Run WordPress

  • Introduction: Installing the WordPress on Localhost
  • Introduction: Understanding the WordPress Dashboard
  • WordPress Admin: Content Types of WordPress


Install WordPress and Explore WordPress Dashboard

  • WordPress Admin: Posts in WordPress
  • WordPress Admin: Pages in WordPress
  • WordPress Admin: How to use Gutenberg (Text Editor)
  • WordPress Admin: Gutenberg Block Editor
  • WordPress Admin: Widgets and Sidebars
  • WordPress Admin: Concept of Sticky Posts
  • WordPress Admin: Media Library
  • WordPress Admin: WordPress Users and Roles
  • WordPress Codex: Introduction to WordPress Codex
  • WordPress Post: Post Revisions
  • WordPress Post: Comments in WordPress
  • Manage: Users in WordPress
  • Menu: Introduction to Menus


Choose, Install, and Use Different WordPress Themes and Plugins

  • Themes: Introduction to WordPress Themes
  • Themes: Process of choosing a good Theme
  • Themes: Installing Themes using various methods
  • Themes: Free vs. Paid themes
  • Themes: WordPress Theme Customizer
  • Plugins: Introduction to Plugins
  • Plugins: Process of choosing a good Plugin
  • Plugins: Installing and Configuring a Plugin


Use a Page Builder (Elementor) and Customize the Website

  • Page Builder: Introduction to Page Builder
  • Page Builder: Installing Elementor
  • Page Builder: Building a Page using Elementor
  • Page Builder: Using Elementor Kit
  • Page Builder: Mega Menu using Elementor
  • Page Builder: Customizing Website using Elementor
  • Page Builder: Elementor Container
  • Customizations: Introduction to Custom Content Types in WordPress
  • Customizations: Creating Custom Post Types in WordPress (Part 1)
  • Customizations: Creating Custom Post Types in WordPress (Part 2)
  • Customizations: Creating Custom Taxonomies
  • Customizations: Introduction to Short Codes and their usage


Setup an E-Commerce Site using WooCommerce

  • E-Commerce: Online Store on WordPress
  • E-Commerce: WooCommerce
  • E-Commerce: WooCommerce Installation and Setup
  • E-Commerce: Creating Product Categories
  • E-Commerce: Adding New Product
  • E-Commerce: What is Variable Product?
  • E-Commerce: What is Affiliate Product?
  • E-Commerce: What is a Grouped Product?
  • E-Commerce: Shipping methods
  • E-Commerce: Shipping Classes
  • E-Commerce: Payment Gateways
  • E-Commerce: Coupon Codes in WooCommerce
  • E-Commerce: How to Place an Order as a Customer
  • E-Commerce: How to receive Customer’s Order as an Admin
  • E-Commerce: Dynamic Product Pricing
  • E-Commerce: Emails and Analytics in WooCommerce
  • E-Commerce: WooCommerce Store using Astra WP Theme


Create Custom Content Types in WordPress

  • Development: WordPress Hooks (Filters & Actions)
  • Development: WordPress Plugin development basics
  • Development: Creating a Hello World Plugin
  • Development: Adding Custom Post Type and Short Code via Plugin
  • Advance: Custom Fields using a Plugin
  • Advance: Popular plugins (Part 1)
  • Advance: Popular plugins (Part 2)
  • Advance: Using forms In WordPress


Increase WordPress Speed and Security

  • Advance: Speed Optimization and Cache in WordPress
  • Advance: Use of CDN in a WordPress website
  • Advance: Website Security
  • Advance: Redirects

Take Backup, Restore, and Migrate WordPress Site

  • Advance: Backup of the website
  • Advance: Migrating a WordPress website
  • Advance: Manually Migrating a WordPress website
  • Advance: General Data Protection Regulation
  • Advance: What is WordPress Multisite?
  • Advance: What is FTP? How to use it?

Setup a Membership Site

  • Creating a Membership Website
  • Setting up a Complete Website


Learn How to Make Money using Learning WordPress

  • Earning through WP: How to Earn using WordPress
  • Earning through WP: Freelancing platforms
  • Earning through WP: Niche-Based Freelancing Platforms

Setup a Service Website

  • Creating a Service Website (Part 1)
  • Creating a Service Website (Part 2)

Setup an LMS Site

  • Create a Website Using LearnDash
  • Creating an LMS website

Bonus: Self-Learning

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